We, the members of the "Forum to Save Mahim Beach" would like to introduce ourselves as a group of local residents of Cadell road, Mahim. The members of the forum reside in and around the Mahim Beach, from the building named "Shirish" on the southern side to "Al-Bahr" on the northern side.

Right in between these two above mentioned buildings, on the beach front, there is an old retention wall protruding into the sea. This wall is nearly 30 years old and is forming a square shaped piece of land. This land, it seems, belongs to, or so he claims, to one Mr. Gupta of "Ana Development Corporation". Apparently this plot was lying vacant for all these years and no construction activity was seen.

From the last few days there is some activity seen either on this piece of land or on the beach on the northern side. To begin with this developer marked some area on the northern side of this existing land by way of piling up stones on the beach. These were washed away by the sea. He then dug deep and has erected pillars on the beach. When questioned by concerned citizens the developer, as well as his men, say that this land is actually theirs. We wonder how ? since it clearly is beach land as you too can see from the pictures below. He has now started the reclamation work by throwing debris onto the beach. All these developments are well documented and watched by us by way of regular photos which we will upload on the website regularly.

We, the members of the Forum to Save Mahim Beach, think that all these activities are illegal, what with the "Coastal Regulation Zone" law being in force and therefore intend to make a written complaint to the concerned authorities. We are approaching a team solicitors to fight our case and as an immediate step bring in an injunction on these activities. A foray in the media is also on the cards. You are welcome to join hands if you too think that these activities are all illegal. Feel free to contact us.

Yours truly,
Members of the group

The Original Beach
Notice the white pillars marking the plot
Notice the chowky to guard this plot (was never there before)
First round of reclamation
His guards manning the area
Begins reclaiming more
Covered more ground
20 such dumpers a day ..... and soon the entire plot will be gone
Bulldozing the debris at a feverish speed
Watering ...... so that the debris settle down
The world is my playground. Going beyond the wall of sacks